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Embedding Models

Each model comes with its unique benefits and use-cases. Click on a model for more information.

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instructor-large$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
bge-large-en-v1.5$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
stella-large-zh-v2$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
multilingual-e5-large$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
gte-large$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
e5-large-v2$0.0002/ per 1k tokens
paraphrase-multilingual-mpnet-base-v2$0.0001/ per 1k tokens
all-MiniLM-L6-v2$0.0001/ per 1k tokens
multilingual-e5-base$0.0001/ per 1k tokens

Document Extraction API

Simple text extraction from documents.

Learn more about the Document Extraction API
File TypePricing
Text Based Files$0.001/ per MB

Reduce API

Reduce the size of your embeddings

Learn more about the Reduce API
Embeddings$0.0001/ per Embedding

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