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Embaas is your one-stop solution for transforming document data into meaningful embeddings. Our robust API services help you swiftly extract text from various document formats and create text embeddings, accelerating your AI application development process.

Embeddings API
The Embeddings API lets you convert input texts into embeddings using top-notch open-source machine learning models.
Document Extraction API (Doc to Embeddings)
With the Document Text Extraction API, extract text from different file types and automatically create embeddings for the extracted text.
Reduce Embeddings API
The Reduce Embeddings API lets you reduce the dimensionality of your embeddings, while preserving the semantic information. Safe storage, today.

Leverage the power of Embaas

Create an account in seconds, generate your API key, and instantly access the Embaas API to produce high quality embeddings or start extracting text from your documents.

from embaas import EmbaasClient

client = EmbaasClient(api_key=EMBAAS_API_KEY)
res = client.get_embeddings(
    texts=['This is an example sentence.', 'Here is another sentence.'],
embeddings = res.data

# Or using LangChain (https://python.langchain.com/docs/integrations/text_embedding/embaas)
from langchain.embeddings import EmbaasEmbeddings

embeddings = EmbaasEmbeddings()
doc_texts = ["This is a test document.", "This is another test document."]
doc_texts_embeddings = embeddings.embed_documents(doc_texts)

Find out more with our detailed Quick-Start guide.

Pricing Table

Simple, transparent pricing.

We offer a simple pricing model that scales with your usage. You start with 1$ in free credit (equal to 10.000.000 tokens on small models) and only pay for what you use. If you ever run out, you can always top up your credit or upgrade to the pay-as-you-go plan.

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Data Privacy & Security

All our APIs, including the Embeddings API and the Document Extraction API, are constructed with an emphasis on safeguarding your privacy. We are resolute in our stance of not storing or logging any of your data. We retain only the bare minimum information required for authentication, ensuring that your experience remains both private and secure.

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