Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Embaas?

Embaas is an Embeddings as a Service platform that provides access to pre-trained and fine-tuned embeddings via an API. Users can utilize the embeddings for various natural language processing tasks and applications. We are currently in Beta.

How much does Embaas cost during the beta period?

During the beta period, Embaas is completely free to use. Users can enjoy unlimited usage, full API access, and support & feedback from our team.

What about data privacy?

We don't store any of your data. We only store your email address and password for authentication purposes. We don't store any of your API requests or responses. Check out Privacy Policy for more information.

Can I use my own fine-tuned models with Embaas?

We are currently working on allowing users to use their own fine-tuned models with Embaas. This feature will be introduced in the near future.

How can I get started with Embaas?

Simply sign up for our beta program by clicking the "Join Beta" button on the pricing page. Once you've signed up, you'll have access to the API and our Discord community for support and feedback.

What kind of support is available during the beta period?

During the beta period, you'll have access to our Discord community where you can ask questions, provide feedback, and receive support from our team and fellow users.